Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh this wilting heat...

Oh boy the last two weeks have been rough. Everything is very thirsty. We have had many 90+ degree days over the last two weeks. We even hit over 100 degrees the other day!!

So this meant a trip to the local big box hardware store for a garden hose. I have been having a great time watering the veggies and cooling off my feets and the kitties.

I try to water when I get home. I know, best to water first thing but there's no way I am getting up early. There you have it. Never water during the peak heat as the water evaporates and I was also told that it burns the plants. I haven't checked on that one yet so if it's not true let us know.

Stay cool y'all

OH! And here's a photo of our first tomato

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