Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last of the Harvest

Well all of our veggies plants are dead with the exception of the greens, which will hopefully keep going for a while. Here's a shot of the last of the tomatoes I picked today and the two butternut squashes we got.

Here's a collection of Lemon Boys, Brandywines, Romas and Yellow Pear tomatoes. Oh and the mystery tomato that was the only seedling to survive was a Black Krim. The yellow ones in the bowl were ripened on the counter so I hope we can get most of these to ripen as well.

We got a dehydrator this weekend AND a copy of Diet for a Small Planet, both are hand me downs and boy am I excited! I have some portobello mushrooms going, this model is apparently a very slowww going dehydrator, it will take about a day to dehydrate the shrooms. Looks dehydrating will be more of a weekend thing since we won't keep this on while we're away from the house.

I have the thermometer to see how high the temp goes. It's at almost 120, raw foodies don't like their food cooked over 118 or so. I have a feeling this might go a bit higher. It's been going for about four hours.

I think Lola likes it too...

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