Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas $25 and under

It's that time of year to give and to get. There's a saying that it is better give than to receive, well the following treats may leave you with second thoughts on giving...

Thermos Stainless Steel Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Tea Thermos

How cool is this! you put your tea int he basket and it steeps and keep it hot. I broke my thermos last year after one use and haven't had a chance to replace it They come in clear too. This is something that's definitely going on my list!

Trudeau Tea-Mendous 16-Ounce Tea Tumbler, Clear
Totes - Adult Clear Bubble Umbrella

Bubble Umbrella

OK how many of you had a bubble umbrella when you were a kid they were so much fun then and for those of us craving the good old days it's a great gift.


Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters - Set of 6
Vintage Vinyl Coasters

These coasters will make a great gift for the music buff in your life. Although those born after 1990 might need an explanation of what they are :)

Compost Pail
Pinzon 1-Gallon Ceramic Compost Pail
This is perfect for that friend that really wants to start composting but need a kick in the butt to do it. This kitchen composter is a great way to start. We all know what a pain it is to go to the yard after every food prep this pail can hold the cutting board remains of a few meals Those of you that are afraid of breaking the ceramic pail there is also a steel version, that's the one that this clutzy household has.

Buddha Board

Buddha Board Original with Black Wooden Easel Stand

For the artist in your life there's the Buddha Board. It's a water-based canvas that can constatnly change as the water evaporates. Great for that Zen feeling, and for those of us that don't like to show our work to other people. This comes in at $28 not bad for a really unique gift.

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