Friday, February 18, 2011

Juice, Juice... Baby

Got my juicer - woo hoo! It came last night. Jared got chef's choice so we did: collards, carrots and a yellow apple. I thought the greens were going to be tough to juice but I added them followed immediately by carrots or pieces of apple and they went through beautifully!

Having the juicer is also a no-waste system. I took the pulp, added about 1/4 cup each of ground flaxseed and water then mixed it together. I put the mixture flattened into the dehydrator overnight and viola! I woke up to wraps that I was able to use for breakfast and lunch.

How cool is that! I don't think our co-op is going to have enough fruits and veggies for us, good thing we'll have our garden going this year!


  1. Hi.... this is a great way using up the pulp from veggies and fruit!!!
    - Nancy -

  2. This looks very similar to one I almost bought last year. I may still get one after a disastrous period with a very cheap juicer- too much hard work with ineffectual rewards!

  3. What a great idea to do that with the pulp! I just give ours to the dogs.

  4. Well my pulp hasn't been that great lately, the last ones I made tasted like cardbaord - quite literally! I will keep trying though!