Friday, November 4, 2011

Every superhero can fly...Sometimes

OK - so I liked that title for an album and since I am utterly tone deaf the next best thing is a blog post... For those of you that follow Kris Carr you will have seen an email and blog post from her that talks about making November "Prevention" month. Similar to Breast Cancer awareness month in October. I loved that idea. I'm sick of the pink everywhere - especially where it really doesn't belong:


I mean REALLY?? Another area that burns me is when cosmetics company start their pinkwashing - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. How dare they stand there with the thousands of women that have had breast cancer and sell them the products that have the very carcinogens that contribute to their illness... This is plain old wrong, wrong, wrong. For more info please check out this article from my friends at The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

So great, you read that article and now you want to do something about it - here's what you can do or at least what I'm trying to do... 

The NO list: 
NO animal products, 
NO alcohol (except at my 40oz themed 40th birthday bash and Thanksgiving)
NO gluten, 
NO processed foods that contain flour, gmo corn or soy
NO added sugar (I have had agave nectar which I am trying to cut down)
NO caffeine (raw cacao is my downfall here)

The YES list:
YES fruits
YES fresh beautiful colorful veggies
YES beans
YES plant-based healthy fats
YES whole grains (think rice, millet, quinoa & buckwheat)
YES raw nuts and seeds
YES green juices
YES green smoothies
YES meditation
YES communing with nature
YES moving your body
YES journaling
YES counting blessings (or gratitude journaling)
YES quality time with the family (especially the fur babies)

As you can see the YES list is a lot longer than the NO list. That's no accident - it's because you are saying YES to a healthy, happy and loving life.

Happy Prevention Month!
Get the word out: #preventionrocks

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