Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recipe of the Week - Stuffed Tomatoes

This one is a nice treat during a hot day, you can serve on a bed of greens as an entree or you can make little ones and serve them as appetizers.

Stuffed Tomatoes


    Red Ripe Tomatoes, 3 large whole (3" dia) Mushrooms, fresh, 1 cup, pieces or slices Lemon Juice, 1 lemon yields Garlic, 4 cloves Shallots, 3 tbsp chopped Carrots, raw, 1 cup, chopped Walnuts, .5 cup shelled (50 halves) Sage, ground, 1 tsp Oregano, ground, 1 tsp Thyme, ground, 1 tsp Fresh Chives, 2 tbsp chopped


Put the tomatoes aside.

Process all of the ingredients except the chives to a paste-like consistency.

Cut the tops off of the tomatoes and scoop out the insides and put your filling in. Chill in fridge if desired and garnish with the fresh chives or parsley

Number of Servings: 3

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