Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is beauty really only Skin Deep?

Many of you know or should know that you are what you eat. That's a no brainer, well how many of you consider what you put on your body too? The way a birth control or nicotine patch delivers its medicine transdermally should give you an indication that yes, your skin (the largest organ on the human body) has the ability to absorb what is put on it. While your epidermis does provide some sort of barrier you can't really be sure that some of the ingredients in the skin care products you are using aren't being somehow absorbed, especially if you are using a product every day for many years.

Luckily the EWG has a fantastic web site that gives you a rating on a huge listing of beauty products including facial, body, hair, make-up, nail, oral hygiene and even baby products.

Before you slather on another lotion or put on sunscreen make sure you check out your product's ingredients, you may be surprised to see that you are getting a bit more than you bargained for...

OH YEAH!! And to check out the movie: The Story of Cosmetics, the Ugly Truth of "Toxics in. Toxics out" click HERE

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