Friday, March 2, 2012


What a crazy week it’s been! On Sunday I participated in a chili challenge that our local ladies group - the Borough Improvement League - hosted. It was a lot of fun and considering I don’t make chili often, or ever! I was happy to get votes and quite a few thumbs up. I’ve got to make some tweaks but it will probably make an appearance at our annual BBQ in August.

On Monday I was lucky enough to go to an Adrenal Fatigue cooking class with Andrea Beaman. Andrea cured her own thyroid condition by switching over to a whole foods diet. The class did include animal products, however a separate meal was made for those of us that abstain. I learned a lot about Adrenal Fatigue and now feel better equipped to help others make the changes necessary to feel better. It’s really all about slowing down, being with nature and eating real food, you know nothing that’s refined, comes from a factory farm or a lab.

On Tuesday I had dinner at HanGawi - a high end Korean vegan restaurant. Talk about good! I don’t have any photos of our food because it didn’t last on the plate long enough. It was so nice to have Korean food without having to worry about hidden fish sauce or meat condiments. I love kimchi and one of the things that a lot have is some sort of fish sauce or anchovies. At our local H Mart I can get their “Healthy Kimchi” that’s vegan and MSG-free. It’s really tasty. I just wish they had it in the huge jar sizes that the regular kimchi comes in. They have vegan versions of the tubs but they also contain MSG, bummer!

On Wednesday our local blog Metuchen Matters posted a blurb about me and the launch of from sprouts to supper health coaching. How cool! It’s wonderful to get the exposure. If you or anyone you know is looking for support on your journey to health let me know! OK plug over.

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