Monday, May 7, 2012

New Additions to the Garden

Yesterday was a lovely garden day. Lots of butterflies were out

I’ve updated with flowers, the usual Marigolds with the addition of Lobelia, Verbena, Dianthus, Alyssum and Ageratom. I also picked up orange, red and pink Gerber Daisies, they looked so pretty and reminded me of my wedding.

I also went ahead and purchased small veggie plants to put in the garden. From seed I was only able to get 2 tomato plants (woo hoo!) so I supplemented with Romas, a Brandywine and a German Johnson Pink which I have never heard of.

I also picked up pepper since none of those came up: We have Jalapenos, a Sweet Red, and Purple and a Chili.

It looks a little bare now but I've also added a few flower seeds to it

I also picked up zucchinis and cucumbers since my squashes didn’t do so well either. I do have a calabaza growing. There’s a rogue chard right next to it so that's probably why I missed it.

As you can see the greens are doing well and I have started to harvest the spinach. The leaves are smallish but I know if I let them go any longer they will bolt on me.

I’m really looking forward to having tons of chard on hand, we’ll have 3 varieties: Italian; Ruby Red and the Rainbow.

I'm really excited about the garden this year!

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