Monday, July 2, 2012

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends

It's true, sometimes we really do need a little help from our friends.

When was the last time you asked someone for help? I'm guilty of thinking I can do it all myself. Yes it's great to be self sufficient and there are times when you need to stand on your own two feet. What I'm talking about is those moments when you need to admit that you need help, you may think it makes you weak, not so! I say. Knowing when to ask for help is what makes you strong strong strong!

The next time you are feeling that you can't get everything done, don't. Don't feel guilty, don't feel like a failure and don't wait for a helping hand to fall from the sky. Speak up and ask for help, whether it's asking your kids to put away the groceries, your husband to clear the dinner dishes or your coworker their opinion on an important presentation, ask.

The best part is that it's a win-win situation, you will get the support you need and you will make someone feel special. Don't believe me? How did you feel the last time you were able to help someone? I thought so...

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